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Hello bloggers, readers, lovers, writers! My name is Maryam for the purpose of this post, I was christened by yours truly, CelonaCharles as ‘AYO’.
…and I blog about; God knows what, but people tend to like it so hey; I’m a poet, I aspire to write until I die 😀

I was asked to do this post, and I agreed as a friend, I wrote a poem that made my heart burn so bright, I just had to share it, so here it is folks ❤
…and remember! It’s either you like me or you don’t …either ways, I would still express as me and no one else.

Here is my reality lately;


With tears in our eyes
Hand in hand
Scarred palms colliding,
We say truths
Whilst searching each other’s
The demons in our minds
Sing songs of ruin,
We sleep under spells of
And the stars above us
These twisting emotions inside spell
Havoc, Chaos,
The boy with the
Bloodshot eyes
Seeks for me,
But his job is
More Important
Than I.
He looked into my
Darkened eyes
He saw my soul
That forgotten night,
They told me what was
Under my nose.
The monsters under my bed
Chase me,
As the orchestra in my head plays,
My glued-together
Ice-cream heart
Melts by cause of
Symphony. See?
The dead girl yonder
Lies awake during these
God-forsaken days.
We lie
We lied.
We say the truth.
We rebel,
Play games on
Heaven’s chessboard,
Pawns we are,
Pawns of society
(With a lower case ‘s’)
Sheep led by Pigs,
As the Wolf still howls
At the evaporating
Man on the Moon.
The swords you stabbed in my back
Are rusting,
Do me the honour of
Poison ivy is what killed the Prince who dared climb Rapunzel’s tower,
She grew it out of boredom, perhaps,
Or maybe a hobby of gardening,
Oh dear,
Your shirt’s stained,
Your tie’s crooked,
Whatever will the media man say?
Now, be careful of your bloody hands
Lady of the Mansion,
I dare not speak,
Yet you say I have freedom,
Now that’s something You cannot take from me,
Liberty of the mind,
Come now,
Sit here, next to me,
Lean your heavy dust-filled head on my shoulder,
Tell me your problems
And I’ll give you mischief,
Tell me your issues
Oh sorry, I cannot grieve.
My hair is full of feathers
And my lips are lined with thorns,
Let us lay down
On this blood-stained land,
Let us take rest
On this once gold sand,
For tomorrow will be
Another wistful day.

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© 2015 CelonaCharles


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