I Wasn’t Expecting That

She’s not yet 18 but she has got a huge mind and positive spirit that’s ready to hit strides.
…and always ready for new creative adventures adventures on the blogospere.

She features on Celona’s blog with raw poetry ?

So I would doing reblogs on celonaiphyblog.wordpress.com a platform where Expressions Meet Reality with a preferred style I tagged “ink on sheet”

Anything Creative, inspirational, Motivational, with an attitude of laying Bare truth and raw emotions is welcomed!
Let stretch hands of support and love together.

And if your preferred platform is facebook join us at #Okpere’s; Circle https://mobile.facebook.com/okperecircle/?ref=bookmarks

Please edit this post, and add ‘Celona’s Blog’ to your tag list and shoot the post again.. it helps you and me grow 😉




I spent 3 days away from my family, I come back and my parents are stepping around me as though I’m a bomb,

Anyway the title?

Yeah my bestfriend told me he MIGHT have feelings for me,
I’m trying my hardest to ignore them, but urgh, FEELINGS,
I cannot fall in love with my best friend! Why ruin something awesome?!

The moodswings are back, they’re annoying, but hilarious too,

These days I spend so much time alone I make myself laugh, I’m now seriously considering becoming a comedian,

I AM FUNNY, in a way only intellectual people, or insane people, understand,

my sarcasm is so fluent, you realise later that I wasn’t actually being nice XD

this post has no definite reason, I just feel like talking!

But I’m busy, and still have to revise for today’s exam so :/ byes I guess

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