Do one thing every day that scares you ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


I don’t think I would tag myself for the world to tag me …I feel mankind and humanity in whole does not care what and how you treat her.
That being said, I stand for only inspirational vibes; that does not basically need to come from me but from everyone and everything around me …and it compulsorily does not need to be from only humans alone; as nature would also be where I get plenty of inspiration from 😉

You know that process of being mentally stimulated to feel or do something creative. Inspirational activity coming in all forms; from originality, individuality, imagination, insight, innovation, inventiveness, artistry, creative talent, creative skill, expressiveness, vision, brilliance, wit, genius and the list goes on and on.
All I am out to offer humanity; are moments of brilliance given on a platter where every idea is put on the table and dissected properly, so something different from the status quo is created.
Working hand in hand with individuals who inspire and who do posses superpowers to carrying a force that inspires from every angle. And all we do together and for each other is; encouraging , motivating and influencing elements that gives every stimulus of creativity a lift or boost. We all have the ability to inspire, no matter what our background and ‘fights’ are.

As inspiration comes by genuine people, stepping out of their comfort zone and reaching for the stars, the most important thing is also having the ability to carry people along. Whether it is trying to make the world a better place or being innovative with technology. We all know someone who did at least one thing that inspired us. It could be someone who gives back to the community or a mentor providing genuine support.


It’s interesting to me how many interesting people suffer from not knowing what to do when knocked down countless times. I, as an interested participant of mankind and humanity, am very interested in helping people reduce the interestingly common cognitive distortion of labelling themselves “useless”; reason I try to maintain those values that put me on a lane of the “know how”; where confidence is the order of the day and pure excitement could be noticed when I take every single step …who knows, a few might be actually watching what you do, but that has never being the motivation, the motivation is right in my hands, the motivation is in what I continually choose to do right regardless the realities around me. I might just be the reason an individual rises up, shakes of those worries and keeps moving.

Most of us are scared to move our ass just because there are no cheers, not knowing that the greatest good you do yourself as an individual is having the ability to cheer yourself first. Knowing that there is complete joy gotten from a mindset that focused on becoming great regardless the trials and travails a man comes across regularly. One funny truth is that, those trails and travails would always be there, they are the real test to your ability to stay alive, stay sane and keep moving.



After speaking to Kendall F. Person for over 30 minutes on the phone, it became clear to me that the world is a really small place and that all relationships made should be cherished regardless where you think it would lead to.


I never thought of the #OkpereCircle till Mr Kendall came up with the idea and I think it’s huge already. hits the blogoshpere January, with a lot loads of juice. #OkpereCircle would be hosting lot of talented artist who have something special to share. Kendall came up with this – and I feel ist special already as it’s the start to what I feel would be the home to brilliant artistry from all over the globe.

In addition to all said … the show #AstarIsBorn continues with 4 interesting artist ready to wet the stage with their amazing works ~







© 2015 Celonachar


4 thoughts on “CONVICTIONS LATELY 28/11/2015

  1. You are definitely a force, Charles — one of insight and goodness, my friend. I’m very glad no matter at what point I leave this competition that the world became small enough for us to connect. Salud, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the great words 🙂
      What really matter is letting the world know different people with different cultures and ethical background could work together perfectly and on a difficult level..
      It’s great connecting with you and other wonderful people 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the visit friend.. still learning the trade.. happy you enjoyed the content on there, I guess that’s what important, I had a message to share and you connected to it..
      Bless for the great words.


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