Understanding Blogging Techniques

Precise!! And wonderful tips to blog right..
Useful to me, could be useful to you fam 😉

My Opinionsville

  • Diversify – Blogging isn’t so much about laying out your life experience in terms of object lessons and a platform for religious testimonials.  Now, it’s about diversity! Art, Illustration, photography, Web Design, poetry, short stories, quotes, recipes, fashion, science, technology, religion, nutrition, infotainment, sports, you name it, if it’s out there, you can blog about it.  By choosing as many things out of this list as you can get into, you’ll attract a much larger audience: ah but it is the unique way in which you do or say each thing that wins added brownie points!
  • Try to be concise – By shortening your sentences and getting to the point (as opposed to dancing all around it), more people will read it.  Remember, technically, it only requires 300 words to be a blog entry, so unlike a blabber mouth like me, try to keep your posts between 300 and 600…

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