Life and White Women

I love Mr Johnson’s style.
No apologies šŸ˜‰

Mr. Johnson's Blog

Some of the joy in life is derived from being able to be in a moment that most others cannot. I remember being in high school, and anywhere other than school during class hours brought about a special feeling knowing that 99% of people my age were stuck in misery. This makes me want to go to the strip club at 1pm on a Wednesday.

I may or may not have drank a whole bottle of wine on a Tuesday night and I may or may not be writing this at 1:15 am. If I was going to live like everyone else Iā€™d might as well have kept my 9-5 that gave me full benefits and doubled my contribution to my pension.

Iā€™m not delusional to the notion that spending money and over drinking is not a positive path. If I told you I could handle it you would haveā€¦

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