When two great bloggers meet, this is what you get 😉
I had to share


I was asked to do an interview by one of the writers that I greatly admire. Ngobesing is talented, renowned Cameroonian journalist in Cameroon. If you have been reading a lot in the blogosphere, you might be one of his many followers like me. His blogs focus on inspirations and creation of the better, happier world we lived in. Outside of his blog, he is an extremely generous writer who pops into MiddleMe to leave encouragements and supportive kind words to me.

When he honors me with the idea of a collaboration in the form of an interview, I was more than delighted to accept. Below is an extraction from the interview article, I am sharing. I do hope that you enjoy reading my answers!

And before I forget, to my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

I have met many new people since I started blogging. Many of them have made…

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