A Star is Born – Round VI RAW

It’s Raw, It’s Unrehearsed, It’s Pure..
Its the 6th round of #AStarIsBorn and Charles Okpere needs your vote to stay in this one..
Just keep voting fam 😉

The Neighborhood

Tonight, we have only one question to ask each artists. I was 43 years old when mine came into focus. We all have one to make and the size is irrelevant, but to not make one… a mistake.

So tonight we ask the question to Charles, Ned, Kelly, Oscar and Rebecca, the 5 Nominees still standing for Best Performance of the Year:

The Question

Kendall F. Person quote

What is Yours?


rawoscar Oscar Alejandro Plascencia, La Puente CA, Poet





rawmomandson Rebecca Lemke, Lahoma OK mommy blogger

What is my contribution?

I’d say it’s nothing special.

I change diapers, clean spit up and negotiate nap times with my spawn (who I am convinced will be a lawyer someday, and he can’t even talk yet).

Oh, and I write the occasional story about my kid spraying the delivery man with milk.

My contribution is my story. An honest look into my everyday existences.

I’m “just…

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