Small shifts in your thinking, and small changes in your energy, can lead to massive alterations of your end result~Kevin Michel

A lot of widely accepted paradigms are gradually turning into what we now regard as “truths”, that’s held strongly. All this paradigms suggest that what we do, how we feel and who we turn out to be as adults, is directly related to our experience as children.

But somehow we understand that paradigms aren’t the truth, they are just point of views and opinions of “wise ones” or people we regard as “sound”. With this said; perhaps it is true for the majority of people that quality of a childhood equally translates to quality of adulthood. This crazy conclusion has refused to settle down well with me. I think if we settle with paradigms like the one above, perhaps we are agreeing to a convenient way to excuse being miserable or just mere victims of something worse than ‘the good life’, as we continually evolve into the being we are meant to be.

What I think is this; “as individuals, we should always be aware that you’re just a small part of this universe, yet an essential one. This is key to staying relevant at all times. To understand that everyone you meet in life is having the same opportunities you have in your hands, this doesn’t only puts you on a platform for chances to showcase yourself but it also gives you the leverage to be that person ‘almost’ every one is happy with.

Respecting every individual you come across is very important to the continual preservation of humanity that’s in dire need of love.


It’s still going down in the neighbourhood. We keep trying to make it really sensational.
Charles gives and exposé on the neighbouring “gold coast”, a peep into the political sphere of a fellow west African country.

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