A Star is Born – Round Four

Can we send in the votes now fam..

The Neighborhood

You just wait. I’m going to be the biggest Chinese Star in the world. – Bruce Lee


Kendall F. Person
Good evening. My name is Kendall F. Person, creator of The Neighborhood and host of A Star is Born. It has been a while since the Artists – also known as the 2015 Best Performance of the Year Nominees – have taken to the underground’s biggest stage, so we wanted to give them plenty of room and freedom, to deliver the type of performance, worthy of a Star Turn.

Each Artists was given the same 3 tools: Voice * Images & Words. How they spun their tools, using only their imagination and their craft, was completely up to them. Summer Rose lost her voice, but I think you will find she was crafty in how she made up for the loss. No particular order – VOTING BOOTH LOCATED AT END OF PRESENTATION…

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