Our Highest Honor: Gabor Dvornik of Budapest Hungary named Recipient of the 2015 The Neighborhood Award

We are up to this fam..
Votes would be needed on sunday
#Celonarants šŸ˜‰

The Neighborhood

I love the name of honor,
more than I fear death.
ā€“ Julius Caesar


The Neighborhood Artists

I can quite vividly still remember when I first came across your work. It was not simply the beauty and the imagination inside of every shot, that made me an instant fan, it was the wisdom and the humility and the giving man behind the camera, that has become so adored. From your March 13, 2014 introduction in Rise: An Artist Collaborative of Inner Strength to The Exorcist and yourĀ National Geographic PhotoĀ viewed around the world, to your coming back home for the Artists Collaboration Round of The Lives We Live and every show in between, you have taken the shot and shared the wonders of the world you see so unselfishly.

Because of the inspiration you give us all and because The Neighborhood stands taller with you beside us and because of theā€¦

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