The strange coincidences that shape the course of our lives are drawn against the night sky. You can almost decipher everything in the coldest and darkest nights. You can almost see your future, glued against the dark silence.Whatever will be, will beCristian Mihai


In summary; this would be the habit of people who have the capacity to be aware of what they feel; knowing how to express, process and adjust past experiences, so their present day-to-day activities isn’t infected with depression and unnecessary sickness such as; inferiority complex, fear of the unknown and suicide. This type of people are the true owners of their control room; they are the true leaders, even if they remain unsung heroes; their day-to-day life is whole and completely genuine. And it’s from this kind of people we should take a cue.

The 10 trends of emotionally intelligent people.

1. They never assume that the way their mind processes an idea or a thought is the exact way it is in reality. They don’t expect the way they think and feel about a situation; to be the exact replica of real life happening. They have a mind that’s open to learning new stuffs. They recognise their emotions as responses, not accurate gauges of their daily life’s. They accept that those responses may have something to do with their own flaws, rather than the objective situation in front of them.

2. Their emotional base points are not drawn from external stimuli. Their emotions would never be aroused by another man’s actions. They understand that they are the ultimate cause of their day-to-day experiences; this saves them from unnecessary spouts of indignant passivity: where a man holds to the believe that; once the universe does wrong, the universe will ultimately have to correct it.

3. Being that an individual’s only frame of reference at any given time is the happening of the past. We actually have no means to determine what would make us truly happy, as opposed to just feeling we stored up from our past experiences. In understanding this; emotional intelligent people, open themselves up to any experience that their life evolves towards, knowing there are equal parts of good and bad in almost anything on earth (except the Godhead factor)

4.they never assume that being fearful is a sign that they are on a wrong path. If the same time, they never feel Indifferent with choices they make. They somehow figured out that fear just gets to show; trying to move towards something a man really loves could be dicey in our 21th century society; old beliefs or unhealed experiences, somehow keeps getting in the way. They still hold on to optimism for a future not yet seen.

5. They know that happiness is a choice, they also know that being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect, it means you have decided to see beyond the imperfections.
They are never stuck in the illusion that “happiness” is a sustained state of joy.

Photo 2

They are not under any pressure to hold on to that tag at all times. They allow themselves to exist in their natural state; where their whole being understands “non-resistance”. It’s in that niche they find contentment.

6. They would never allow their thoughts to be chosen for them. They understand that through socialising and the everlasting eternal human monkey-mind, they can be usually pushed out of their realm/zone, which allows thoughts, belief and mindsets that were never theirs in the first place, to completely overwhelm them. This makes them always wanting to put their heart and soul in check; reflecting on their origins at all times and deciding whether or not external frame of reference truly serves them.

7. They would never confuse “infallible composure” with emotional intelligence. They take their feelings very seriously, they don’t try to temper them so much at the same time.
However they do have the capacity to withhold their emotional responses, until they are in an environment where those feelings would be appropriate when expressed.
They never suppress their feelings, they try as much as possible to manage it effectively.

8.they are very sure feeling will not kill them. Every situation they find themselves in, would always be seen as an arena to training for better stamina and awareness to face all things, even the worst. They know every situation is transitory.


9.they pick their friends wisely and would deliberately not be friends with everyone and anyone. They recognise true trust and intimacy, as an element of unity; which is meant to be built and something that involves discerning with whom you share with. They are guarded or closed-up, as they are simply mindful and aware of who they allow into their space. They are kind and easy going with all but only truly open to a selected few.

10. They never confuse a bad feeling for a bad life. They never project the present moment into the foreseeable future. They would never believe that the moment at hand constitutes what their entire life amounted to. They know that every issue at hand is another passing transitory experience on the journey of life that won’t be ending anytime soon.
Emotionally Intelligent people allow themselves their “bad” days. They know they are human and live with humans too, definitely everything can’t be ‘perfect’. It’s in the non- resistance that they find the most peace of all in a very crazy world.

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If this is how we turned out, at the end of the day, I guess we need to up our game fam.. I thought we were in this together?.. I need us now completely focused on taking our ranks up in the neighborhood. If we make it into the next round, let’s share more and vote more Fam.. 😉

Stay tuned in fam, the show; #AStarIsBorn continues





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