If you want to avoid emotional mediocrity, be on time for every present moment – Dr. Jacinta Mpalyenkana, Ph.D, MBA

Emotional I_edit

In a given community, where politics played by unprofessionals has caused serious pandemonium; this has made the ordinary man constantly hold unto “calculated steps” aimed at building fiscal strength only; ignoring probably the most powerful and useful trait our society really needs today -‘EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE’.

Every single day, we wake up completely set to function like a fixed machine; with only logic and reason as our support system. Our leaders who are completely busy with the job of filling their pockets, have overlooked the one human element which could wield humanity together and completely ignoring the disaster humanity has found itself in. I might be sounding really bias here but I think; sociopolitical issues have being left unattended to for a long while now, I really don’t need to give statistics or cite the rise in cases of; xenophobic, clashes of interest in almost every sphere in a given society, decadence in motivation, outright hate for fellow man in many cases. The list goes on and on.

In recent times it seems individuals believe the most appropriate thing to do is not to however show


emotions at all; believing that to be highly effective is to function like a robot who cares less; who impresses others but never himself; a product of the “new age”; a well oiled consumerist – serving maniac, who is also digitally inclined to trends in front of him; highly unaware but overtly operational machine for others but never himself …and so the real him suffers really bad.

I was going through an article on one of the blogs in my very little community …a blog I have complete assess to and I follow passionately; I saw few attributes given to emotionally intelligent people, and I really liked them.. I picked few sentences I really liked from that post; altered them a little bit and then produce what I have tagged “TRENDS OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE”

King M.chidi._272794_edit

In my next post, I would be outlining, 10 trends of people with sound emotional intelligence.
Stay tuned fam.
My next post would really be something you did like to see.

When manipulation flutters around everywhere, neither pull nor push anyone. Just do one thingdon’t trust anyone! – Ashish Patel




Thanks for the votes and love you have shown Charles Okpere in the neighborhood. “The show” tagged #AStarIsBorn, continues on sunday …this show in the neighborhood, is like a small race to an ultimate price; “best performer in the neighborhood” and a type of “king” in this very vast blogoshere; something Kendall F. Person refers to as “A Star Is Born”. It has gotten serious and I would still be needing your very generous votes on Sunday.
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