…The church, the state, the school, the magazine, think they are liberal and free! It is the freedom of a prison-yard – Henry David Thoreau

Somethings should have changed
Okay; somethings are now at a point where it has to change.
I heard whispers of “enough” “no more”
Spreading around the globe like wide fire
The people now recognised they have had enough
All this while they abused our power and gave us resentment
But we never stopped running for answers.

It started with a salient noise somewhere in Africa
Then we heard a loud grumble which was tagged “the Arab spring”
It’s now a joint shout for complete revolution
Every individual seems to be asking to “occupy”
A strong fight to taking back our lives.


Many made refugees; with homes reduced to bee hives
Mothers and children become involuntary migrants
Not all can take a lead in this compulsory battle
It’s still like a joint match for “total democracy”
Fact they repeatedly told us how impossible it is.

We recognise it’s time to shed the chains of ‘many lies’
Becoming who we are meant to really be
Okay; becoming who we are and always have been
For no one person should ever be ever enslaved.

We remember what our foundations looked like
So we aren’t choosing to fight old battles
A war that’s based on ‘par times’ and discrimination
The fight for “one world” is the aim
We now realise it’s a battle worth fighting.


He stayed in Syria all his life
Now he has a German brother for real
She knew only the shores of Iraq
Now she is becoming a qualifies doctor in the U.K
Their leaders never knew the basics of love
But we were always born free
A fact the soul of every enslaved individual understands
And I think it should stay that way for life.




© 2015 CelonaCharles


5 thoughts on “BORN FREE?

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