Break-up alert: who is moving and who will be moved?

I had to share this fam..
Just promise me you would read till you get to the last word.
#ThankMeLater 😉



So the other day, (what! You should know I like to start my stories like this na). Anyways, the other day, my colleague and I decided to do our nails. Not manicure o! We went to fix nails. Someone had directed us to a place. She wasn’t opened so we decided to go to ‘aunty’, the one that we know. Sadly, ‘aunty’ wasn’t open either. Since we were close to the bus stop, we decided to go get some jewelry instead.

My colleague wanted to paint her nails still and so we somehow found ourselves under Ojota pedestrian bridge.
Talking about bridges, some idiot, just crossed the express around Onipanu! And he was very close to the bridge! And a truck missed him! Why the hell would you take such a risk?!


Anyway, back to the story. So we meet this girl, with her basin of nail-paints. We…

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