A Star is Born – The Photo Op

I need that vote fam…
This is very important 😉

The Neighborhood

“The program tonight’s gonna be swell.”
– Danny McGuire, A Star is Born 1937


from the The Exorcist the short story,
a The Neighborhood original composition
by Canadian composer Renan Javier – Last Tango


How the Season-ending Show & the 3rd Annual thepublicblogger Awards transformed into A Star is Born…. start here

Jack & BelindaA Star is Born: Jack & Belinda Edition eps. II

A Star is Born: Jack & Belinda Edition eps III

Her heart nearly imploded when her mother whispered in her ear. Belinda continued looking directly into the mirror and although she had never looked more beautiful in her life, all she wanted to do was cry.  Adorned in a beautifully handmade white wedding dress – the color was not only of tradition, but Belinda Michelle Jackson had been untouched. Her mother stood stoic, from the old school, the man that her daughter was to marry, would build her…

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