The 10 Most Underrated Responsibilities

Spot On!!
I thought I should share this 😉

The Neighborhood

If you take responsibility for yourself
you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.
– Les Brown



Kendall F. Person

In general terms, they may not appear on Time Magazine’s’ Most Influential list, but they have sent  a representative, at some time or another. As a group, there is no single voice that sings louder, its the collective song that is heard. In their roles, they are honored, but they also take the brunt of the storm. In the mirror, it is their hopes and dreams they see, but in their eyes,  it is the hopes and dreams of  many, we see. A burden each carries, that stretches beyond their reach, tis true. And while some may fall or break or crack or spin out of control, you know, collectively they possess the will and the fortitude to carry on, even when there is no one watching, believe.

The Ten Most Underrated…

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