We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down – Kurt Vonnegut


…and so, they did not have the vision that you had. They did not know what you always knew in the deepest part of your soul. And that was always okay by you. Their opinions or point of views never altered the focus you got from your experiences. Those experiences that were yours and yours alone.

You always chose to stay creative with your mind and then BOOM!! You started building castles in the air; far fetched to the imaginations of critics and those crazy pessimists

Your rules and regulations where not something you took time to plan because you where imperfect like that; your head was always soaked in your passion, work and ideas. All of a sudden; your day-to-day existence became something they cherished and wanted to live by.

…so you became my hero.
And when I asked you what your secrets to success were and how you managed to ignore all the odds and even used them all to your advantage; this were the words you shared with me:


1. You have to set your standards on an amazing high, with no tolerance of time wasting acts; putting a check to bad unnecessary behaviours with friends, or even oneself. Holding yourself accountable for all your actions, which means; spending less of your ‘precious time’ on “energy vampires”, as your every moments should be used in experiencing; maybe slow but definitely a steady growth.

2. I would state here; No one man should see himself as becoming a narcissist or saddist, but rather, a very realistic person; if you have started letting go of things that do not make you feel good with your daily improvements.

Things that encroaches into that space that you pull inspiration from, should be treated as roaches and mosquitoes.
Learn to love yourself enough to say ‘nay’ to things that switches your mood to a negative one; they would only drag you down, as they serve no purpose in the heart of a creative mind.

3. Having known that setbacks and failures are part of the “game” and also part of the journey to success.
I bet you really can’t give me a name of one person that had it all smooth till the world placed their names on platters.
Life is about victories and losses. Setbacks should be viewed and reviewed as stepping stones to better levels; that’s me being completely realistic with you.

4. By now, you should engage yourself with relationships that are less dramatic, just like the ones you used to have when you were a child.
Dramas makes a relationship look real but that’s not for a mind that constantly needs tuning and fine-tuning all the time to stay sane and open for creativity. As you grow older, you develop maturity that should dodge unnecessary dramas.

5. You shouldn’t be scared of asking for valuable and specific support, if you know what you are doing.
Asking for assistance in tough times, does not equal weakness, In fact; it is strength that shows you have clearly picked out what you really want and the journey you want to embark on.

6. If you now know love comes first, you should love so deeply and open your heart up to accepting love from other.
Love is scary and most of the times risky. But it’s the one thing humans strive for (regardless how we choose to see it, every human being on planet earth wants to be loved) and please; also deliberately stay open to rejections.
Opening your heart enough to give love and accept it in return shows you have chosen an upward climb.

7. Seeing other succeed, should make you happy and excited. The fact that other people close to you, “succeed” before you does not make you a failure in anyway. Give genuine and hearty applaud and standing ovations to moments of excellence of others.
This sounds funny but it’s true; you create a divine opening for yourself, if you give your positive vibes for the victories of other humans.

8. You should choose to be far more than a victim. You know that life doesn’t always “happen” to us all. Many times, you are a co-creator of your life experiences. Successful people know this. I have chosen not to be stay grounded by the experiences of others; knowing you can’t please everyone, makes you stand up to be counted.
Standards with which society judges individuals, is most times silly, unfair and stupidly unrealistic. So I suggest; stay true to your person and passion, I promise you would love the person you would transform into.

9. You should have a strong support system, so that individuals who believe in you so much; did do anything to keep you growing.
If you have picked out people who would go the length for you and recognised the ones who only pretend that they do, I guess you have made your journey easier.
It’s a painful realisation but; once you learn to see the signs of betrayal from close ones, accept the fact that you have to keep your distance from anything toxic, regardless how close they are to you

10. If you understand happiness is completely functional. Then you should know that; regardless what your bank statements says, how big your car/house is, or how many fancy trips you embark on, there is always a genuine smile on your face because you understand the value of happiness and staying happy.

Yuliana N. Simarmata@_--_707004_edit


I might not have given a perfect picture, to what a creative person should involve himself with but I think with this little steps, added to the good traits you think you already have; success could be completely attainable.
This are my rules and guide still, I would keep you updated, If they ever change.

…but If your thoughts completely contradicts mine on this few points, please share with the fam, it would be completely appreciated


*Using this opportunity to shout-out to a huge fan and a great supporter of Celona’s art; many thanks to Sarah’s Attic of Treasures.. this post is dedicated to you dear for your continual love*





© 2015 CelonaCharles



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