Every traveller has a home of his own, and he learns to appreciate it the more from his wandering Charles Dickens

I really don’t know how this would sound, especially to those on here who are not Nigerians..
I would be back blogging “full-time” soon, sometime in October I guess, I had to clear up things in school and get ready to “serve” my country; not the military but something close to that. Something my people call “NYSC”. Check it up please 😉


I have not being sick, being keeping it real as usual. I am completely healthy and I have being visiting the gym lately friends. So to those who really care and wants to know what Charles has being up to; you just got served.

I have being writing much lately, tempted to update the blog but I think I know the definition of ‘priorities’. I promise I would be back with lots of stuff you did love to read and I am sure you know I am not even joking..


To all those who have constantly checked on me and even gone as-far-as; finding my art too interesting and sharing, I say; may you get all the favours your heart desires.
Surprised I sound like a preacher, maybe I have being feeling all spiritual lately.

Stay sane fam!! And remember; if “the place” gets too stuffy, please just “MOVE ON”. Life should be as easy as that. It’s all about loving the space you own.




© 2015 CelonaCharles


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