A Picture Says 500 Posts

I love this one man dream.. I thought is should share…

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Screenshot 2015-09-19 at 10.50.45 AM

See! Someone cares about me.

500 posts and I still have not been Freshly Pressed. How dare they not recognize the greatest Asian blogger of all time. I have China to thank for blocking all opportunity for world wide web self-expression from its people. Having a billion less people to compete with allows me to shine brighter in the blogosphere.

I’ve basically written a good sized book. There are some pages of nonsense but let’s just count those as the equivalent to the photos people include in their autobiography. OK?

I’d like WordPress to thank me for giving me the opportunity to spew my literary genius onto their platform. Gracing their webspace with my creative grammar and irreverence has revived my soul from the deep dark holes of a mundane life. I know that they have not featured me on Freshly Pressed because they want me all to themselves, and…

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