If by my life or death I can protect you, I will. J.R.R. Tolkien

PicsArt_1439287480562_editThis piece would have being my conclusion to my anthology/presentation on #Tag, [] but the host Kendall Person made a little suggestions which I felt were very right. He felt I would be wandering away from the subject matter (Leadership, Authority, Community), which #Tag was intended to address.
I call this one “KING OF NOTHING”

I got a few nasty questions from some people I do respect a lot. I could feel a few, saying to themselves; “why would this little boy speak like he knows it all”. I don’t think there would be a place I stated “I know it all”, all I am sure I know is; humanity should have “stated rules” that should be held strong. There are a few stated facts, pertaining to facets of continuous love for humanity, which involves humility and consistency and I am choosing to hold unto those facts as my guidelines in learning and developing.

So before you argue any further,about my “statements of fact”, sit tight and allow me introduce you to a “KING OF NOTHING” …no jokes, this “man” I am about to talk about literally lives that phrase.


The Dalai Lama was the star attraction at the summit of the Nobel Peace Prize Winners, held earlier this year. He was flanked by Italy’s most senior politicians; there was time for little talks. Walter Veltroni, former mayor of Rome and candidate for prime minister asked him how he coped with the obvious jet lag. Deploying his familiar syntax-free English, the Buddhist leader replied, “Traveling the world – Time difference – No problem”. My point actually being that; The Dalai Lama stays top of my list, compared to other favourite Nobel Laureates; Desmond tutu, Malala Yousafzai and the most feted of all laureates, Nelson Mandela.

King of nothing1_edit

The Dalai Lama always has a way of being ever present, whenever his followers needed him most. Despite being increasingly restricted in the countries he can visit, and dignitaries he can meet due to his ‘controversial’ messages, which are tied around anti-caste, anti-corruption, anti-exploitation and also on account of China’s growing diplomatic muscle in almost every country(China’s leaders, choose not to recognise The Dalai Lama as their religious leader, as they feel his teachings do not suit their autocratic style of ruling). The Dalai Lama continues to play a Moses-like role in holding his scattered people together, steering them towards a functioning democracy. For the first time, the Tibetan Buddhist Community and Buddhist worldwide have enjoyed interludes of unity over the millennium, all thanks to a leader who has perfectly combined the rare elements of chutzpah, charisma and perfectly adding to the mix; a tempered steel and a smiling face, which has kept him firmly and lovable in the public eye for more than 50years.

…and all thanks to everyone that has contributed to helping make the one voice we share here, a very loud one.






© 2015 CelonaCharles


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