The Making of ‘TAG’


Update: All the spots in ‘TAG’ have been filled. Thank you for your consideration. – KP


Effectively, change is almost impossible
without industry-wide collaboration,
cooperation and consensus.
– Simon Mainwaring

from Sacramento, 7th Born Productions with The Neighborhood

The Making of ‘TAG’

Show: TAG
Debuts: September 1

Rules of Engagement (not a competition, a collaboration)
1. Once tagged, you CANNOT be tagged again.
2. Once in – there is no way out but to contribute or FREEZE
3. Once tagged, you have 24 hours to TAG OUT – contribute and TAG someone else on the TBA list.
4. Poetry, Prose, Essay, Editorial, Spoken-Word, Video, Visual Art, Performance Art & Fiction are the tools at your disposal, TO: i. MAKE YOUR POINT ii. add to the confluence and influence of the story/conversation AND iii. Entertain as an Artist.
5. The person you tag MUST be of a different GENRE.

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