‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show – HEROES: Series Finale

Do I need too beg for those votes fam???
Did I impress you guys??
Have I said enough??
Did I use enough “matured” words??

Regardless, I need those support and votes fam, let’s make this a wrap together..

The Neighborhood

Voting Booth at End of Show (bottom of post)

“Being President doesn’t change who you are,
it reveals who you are.”
– First Lady Michelle Obama

Original Cast Original Cast of 9

Drumma Battalion made their 1st appearance in The Neighborhood in May of 2013 in a show titled A Celebration of Community and  went on to appear in several shows in early 2014. It is so nice to see them going strong and to welcome them back…

from Oslo Norway, Drumma Battalion featuring RoZe with Hands Up

The Neighborhood

Imagine you are all alone, moments before you meet your maker, staring into the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon. You are given two choices. One changes nothing. And the other changes the one thing that you wanted most of all. Clock ticking, curtains moving closer, so never forget, time is not your friend.  But more than anything else, close your eyes, lean back and…

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