Hope’s Despair: ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show Dismissal Day

We did this together fam!!!
Your boy #Celonarants™ would still represent this community in The Neighbourhood..
“CelonaCharles Okpere Iphy” would be part of the “3” that puts up another show in the finale of the first reality show on the blogoshere..
It’s being a sensational ride fam, let’s make this wrap together..



The Neighborhood

cover ‘Hope’ shot by Robert M Goldstein
a part of a mural in the San Francisco Mission District

for the ‘story within the story
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The Final Four

from Detroit Michigan, ‘Shine Na Light’ featuring Hussle Crowe
parental discretion is advised

The Neighborhood

Hope is all we need, true or false? Hold on to your answer for a moment, or at least until you finish reading this post. Our answer may remain the same, but we must never be afraid to stop and think, out of fear of change. Hope is a wide open expanse, no walls or borders, just a seemingly endless horizon, living beyond the world of chance. Where wishes are bound by magic, maintaining power and influence in  fairytales, where most everything is made up. Unlike believe – tormented by traps for fools – which can make us believe lies are true. And have faith, seemingly…

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