Music Review: Carlethal’s ‘Peace Signs Up’ is an Anthem of a Song

Hey fam!!
Back to the neighbourhood, where it has all being thrills and pure sensation for me.
The reality show “The Lives We Live” is still on, and your boy #Celonarants™, is part of the last four contestant..
I promise to come up with another great piece, this time we do something on peace..

Hope you stay tuned, don’t forget to VOTE!!

The Neighborhood A Closer Look

Peace is a journey of a thousand miles
and it must be taken one step at a time.
– Lyndon B. Johnson

Moment of Peace

Carlethal ‘Peace Signs Up’ featuring Bri Cooper

“It took nearly two years to write this song and shoot the video. I knew it had to be done right.” – Carlethal

I have written many reviews and delivered praise to worthy songs, but when I say, that ‘Peace Signs Up’ by Carlethal featuring Bri Cooper (aka The Mezzo Maven) is a phenomenal recording, it is an equal understatement. Carlethal has not just written a song with meaningful lyrics, but words that serve mankind. And with Bri Cooper’s big soprano, swirling like the wind in the background – together – they have delivered the Anthem for Peace.

Wherever you are, as you listen and bob your head up and down, and as you absorb these powerful lyrics, throw…

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