In the end .. You’ll win 

The heart felt cry of heavy emotions, poured out in words and not with the mouth..
I thought I should share their pain here..

Virgobeauty's Blog

I didn’t look at you expecting you to be perfect. My attraction didn’t stem from what size house you appeared to be able to provide. It didn’t come from a childhood checklist of my imaginary Ken. In all honestly, there was no pursuit in progress when we connected. Only your authentic and unshielded self on display without pressure, fear, or risk. Somewhere along the way, the beauty within one another could Not be mistaken. It was undeniable, and intoxicating. We all know when we encounter those people who seemed to have been baked in God’s oven. Everything about them is just calming and pleasing to all your senses, even from a distance. Maybe you’re the soul whisperer… Soothing what I didn’t know was in disarray. But now, now I realize that it became to real to fast for you and you withdrew, which left me vulnerable alone. Afraid to share…

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