A Note To My Younger Self

Deep and True!!
I thought I should share

Caterpillar To Butterfly

reading+silhouette+-+CopyDear younger me,

You are 17 years old now and think you are ready for the world.  After all, you’ve had to grow up pretty quickly.

If I remember how I was 23 years ago, then you are reading this propped up on the bed with pillows fluffed up behind you.  I know you have headphones on as you always do….to block out the fighting just beyond your bedroom door.

You are probably trying to turn up your music as loud as it can go just to drown out the bickering between your mother and father right now.  Daddy always trying speak logic to Mama who is in the clutches of alcohol at the moment.

You’re angry.

How is this fair?

You are waiting for your 18th birthday so you can run off and get married just to get out of the environment you are in.  I remember the calendar…

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