Plenty appreciations to a familiar community but one that’s really far from me.

I willingly chose to be part of something new (no serious risk taken though), but for the love of writing and connecting with a world I really want to be part of, I chose to be part of the first reality show on the blogosphere.

I have put in slight work for this wonderful community called “The Neighborhood” …hosted by one of the best writer and blogger I have met.


This little “love affair” with The Neighborhood has brought me to grounds above me, I have met amazing people on this little journey with Kendall. F Person.

And my big wish is; I don’t just follow the vibe but connect to it.

The target is; wanting plenty of development in my writing skill and becoming a force to reckon with..

It’s being fun so far, reasons I want you all to join me in this journey, there is lots in stock for us..



© 2015 CelonaCharles

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