Complexity of Mental Health: An Artists Collaboration with Robert M Goldstein & the Alternate (Personalities)

Another wonderful collaborative effort from the neighbourhood..

It’s always great having Robert M Goldstein somewhere around.. Great Gee!

The Neighborhood

Dissociative Identity Disorder formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder is a rare, complex mental illness, still debated in the health care industry, but thought to be a coping mechanism for violence inflicted, that was much too great, for the singular mind to handle.

Billie Holiday I'll Be Seeing You

I had only lived in Robert M Goldstein’s world for less than 24 hours,  but that was all it took, before I had become a nervous wreck. Trying to understand a mental illness, that divides the mind into its own society, giving rise to new personalities, as alternates to self, completely real inside the head, but all named Bob to the outside world. Reliving Bob’s past with an abusive and narcissistic mother, trying to determine one alternative from the other, not even knowing if Robert M Goldstein was a man or woman, and during our back and forth written communication, wondering which one it was… became nearly too…

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