Attracting Readers to your Blog

I found this very hilarious …plus I relate to the message passed.
I thought I should share with the fam.

Mr. Johnson's Blog

You write a post, send it out there, hope that by chance someone will come across it, click on it, read it and hopefully leave you some kind of indication that they liked it or hated it (I feel just as accomplished when someone informs me of their disgust towards my content).

From my experience, the majority of readers that I’ve ever had, discovered my blog by seeing a comment I left on their blog or on somebody else’s. Someone finding your blog through one of the WordPress tags(life, opinion, thoughts, humor,etc) seems to be an ineffective way of attracting readers. Even if people do find your blog there, they don’t seem too compelled to leave their mark, probably because they don’t feel any connection with you. It’s similar to real life in that you will have a far better chance of meeting people if you go up and start talking…

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