Completely relate to this..
Great post, great writer..
…and a very lovely personality..

Go check out their blog. 🙂

Jennifer's Soul Purpose, the Creative Spirit

I’d like to tell you about the day I challenged myself not to smile for a whole day.  Yes not to smile.

I picked a day when I woke up feeling like I wanted to stay in bed – you know that feeling – you’re cozy and warm under the quilt, head nicely drowsy and legs just don’t want to move, and that little voice in your head saying, “Go on, just a few more minutes in bed.”  Then it was as if an invisible body with a smiling face was pulling me out of bed saying “Come on, get up, it’s a lovely day outside.”

I get ready for work.  I didn’t play any music like I usually do, as I was determined not to hum, start singing or dancing before I left for work – because that would put me in a good mood – and I couldn’t have…

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