History’s Prize: ‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show – 2nd (3rd) Dismissal

Now read down through carefully and tell me Kendall Person is not one of the finest orator we have one wordpress..

The good news is your boy #Celonarants™ is through to the next round of the the first and finest reality show on the blogosphere .
No time for celebrations yet, let’s make it a ride to the end..

Hope we having a great day people (big smile)

The Neighborhood

History is a cyclic poem
written by time
upon the memories of man.
–  Percy Bysshe Shelley

Bryan CatalanRecording Artist Bryan Catalan
Photographer Edward Conde

The Top 3

top 3

Florence Crittenden of Sacramento California, James D. Foster of Fort Mohave Arizona and Clifton & Marla Davis of Denver Colorado, each of you have contributed something special of yourselves and in the process have touched The Neighborhood’s heart. The audience has spoken. Your participation is golden and your storylines will continue unfolding.

The Neighborhood Cash and prizes are wonderful gifts to win. And perhaps, before it is all said and done, a sponsor will come along or maybe a neighbor or philanthropist will see the work we are doing and hit the ‘Donation’ button (big smile). But the nine people who began this quest, knew there was no pot of gold, for no snake oil will ever be sold here. But from different parts of…

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