All media work us over completelyMarshall McLuhan


This was posted on Celonaiphyblog.com but I thought I should share with the fam here.

The interactions and connections on social media sites are more immediate and perhaps more emotionally complex.
It’s crazy how people feel they would get ‘perfect bond’ on there.

I met this dude recently and from the way he spoke it was very obvious he was different and his perception on social networking was absolutely different.

He does not think of the people he meets on social media sites as friends, rather he feels that is just the view of the Oxford dictionaries.
Oxford dictionaries ~ A person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affections, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

He brought this up because he has odd interactions with some of the people with whom he became really close to on one of the very popular social networks.

It’s as if he has not pleased them in some way and it is his job to guess what to do to make things really smooth again.
Guess What? He became really angry and has chosen to say “I don’t play guess my feelings”.

To be fair, he has only found that kind of baggage on one social media site, but he only mentioned it because his experiences on that site shapes his boundaries for social networking in general.

If you want to be his friend, anyhow, anywhere and anytime, this are the rules to follow:

1. If you really want to be friends with a guy who says he has s little dissociative Identity Disorder *DID* then expect him to feel he told you the truth.

If you expect someone with DID to “be there for you” as an Internet friend, then pack your bus on someone else’s field. It’s never going to happen. #TRUTH.

When he can “be there” it is for those he refers to as his real family.
Those are the people who loves him through the day-to-day con fusion and frustration of having him in their life.

2. He does not want your pity. He writes about the happening in his life and his imperfections because he believes that when people with a rear disorder are silent, they yield the quality of their lives to their enemies. He goes ahead to define an enemy as anyone who would spitefully compromise the quality of his life because of who he is.

3. His friends on the Internet can’t fix him, so there is nothing anyone can say or do to change his life expectations because his approach to life isn’t completely a picture of others.

If you want to be his friend on the Internet then understand that he does not expect much from his friends on the Internet.


4. He has strong defences and the slightest whiff of deception will send him packing.
He was once a practitioner of deceit, when he was clueless and didn’t know what he wanted out of life, so he understands perfectly the way loosing and gaining of trust works.

5. He has no Covert Sexual intentions.
He does not do online sex or indulge in the stupidity surrounding sexting. He is one of the few who considers that filt as infidelity.

He does not need a virtual wife, girlfriend, lover, boyfriend or dog on the internet.
He uses social media sites to make his work and to get a sense from other people of what works, with no intentions to looking for a sense of belonging.

He writes because he has to.
He blogs because he has to and feels like.
He does not see himself as a ‘perfect’ artist because he does not know if he really is or would ever become one.

The compulsion to do all these things may be another symptoms of his disorder but he feels it is enough for him that he needs to do what he has to do and completing this work in a perfect manner is one of his life time priority.

6. He recognises the existence of a supreme, immortal being and would always spear extra words in appreciation of the life he has given and sustained, with no apologies to any of my ‘friends’.


© 2015 CelonaCharles



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