Maybe you could be mine / or maybe we’ll be entwined / aimless in this sexless foreplayJess C. Scott



I am proud to say I am real
I promise that I know you very well
Your eyes never lie
Even when they tell too much
I would just pretend I have know you forever
Even if you dated Shakespeare once
I still want that precious romance with you

You are living in a world that comes with a plan B
When plan A never existed in my quarters
Plan C was a pigment of my many fantasies
I never had a chance to what you possess
Which makes me ask
Would there be a place for our love affair?

The reason I know you very well is not far fetched
We have the same eyes can’t you tell
There were days I tried to cover up and conceal my fate with you
‘Cos you boasted of a better place you have being
You also boasted of better relationships you had
Your pride only made it harder for me to deal

We are now living in a world that comes with no plan at all
Can’t you see
You are allowing them make of me a scapegoat
Because the only plan I have for us would never come free
And no plan B remember
Sick of talking about plan C

I am seriously tempted to letting you go
Letting you go would just be an excuse though
All I am talking about is good loving
And wanting to love so much until it hurts
Loving you first and sticking to it because it’s pure

I love what the both of us has to offer
I love you so much
I am thinking I don’t love anything else
But what has love got to do with it
When you don’t even give a chance to loving myself first
Till the point I don’t love anything at all

What if I should hate
Till I completely hate everything I love
Should I hate you for loving me for other reasons
And in private you tell me I am not seasoned
You just make the whole thing worst

Should I hate my inner want for credibility
And hate thoughts that consist of;
Money, power and respect
Or hating the fact that non of the above makes me real
Because I have chosen to be by your side
Loving you with all careless abandon

Anybody can fall in love
The same love has made me kill “leisure time”
Putting you in tune to knowing and defining the real me
‘Cos real is responsibility
Real is taking care of you
Real is God’s gift to man
Real is you poetry

if you found and know ‘the way’
Then don’t come with apologies dear
I would act like a gentle man
And choose to come back home
Telling my story to my community
Letting them know I was just like them

You could give me multiple stories to tell
On how I rose from the dust of pain and struggles
And that space of violence too
Becoming a positive person
Giving back with your words of encouragement
For that’s the best way to give back

Happy if you could come to my aid poetry
Happy if you fall harder in love with me
With silent chuckles I would tell haters off
They think I am in love with a woman
They never knew it’s just you poetry

Even though we’re still looking for a perfect merge though
I crave that point where I just can’t let you go
Even if my girl knows you are my first love
Poetry and me..


It’s still on fam

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© 2015 CelonaCharles


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