Words! Mere words! How terrible they were! How clear, and vivid, and cruel!Oscar Wilde


I have always followed my moral principles to the letter

And always thought doing so would uplift me somehow and to somewhere

And make me a foundation that everyone admires

I think I was just sheepishly following words with no actions

My tongue would impress all to serious amazement

But my actions fluctuates like the weather in may

Empathy was priceless attribute I never had

I would teach and preach on how to give love

But I fell in love with sucking nutrients out of people

I thought I was the wealthiest person on earth

But I never truly lived the life I was assigned to

I have only built a temple of bigger confusion

Where I was put under the illusion of “grass to grace”

And told I was living a life of fulfilments

But the whole time I was losing in an unmeasurable porosity

I am sorry for being a hypocrite for life and to life

I was numb but I’m starting to feel that special sensation

A sensation that pushes the whole me to “words and works”

I guess the only choice I have now is to get in tune with the awakening

Or stay ignorant and deranged for eternity

Having just myself to sing songs of blames to

Join me in taking down this false temple of stupid, idle words

Temple I stupidly built when I thought I knew it all

I am open to where you want life to take me

I am ready to work side by side with you my majesty


Above all!!

The goal is to be free and in perfect unity with higher power

I mean free as the bird in the sky on motion

But I can’t be in motion flapping those wings in the sky

If they’re shut by just word and no actions


© 2015 CelonaCharles



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