Know History or Repeat It

You got the words!!
Just have a good read brethren šŸ˜‰

Dream Big, Dream Often

Why do I focus so much on change and improvement? Because, ā€œThose who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.ā€ George Santayana. I started my self-improvement journey to change several habits that I recognized were not conducive to remaining married. I was married prior to meeting Evelina and I cannot say that I was the greatestspouse in the world; I was young and acted selfishly.

When I met Evelina I was a little out of control. I had no long-term goals. I had zero ambition. I had no plan. And I didnā€™t really care about myself much. I did not realize it then, but I was suffering from depression. When Evelina and I began dating I quickly realized how incredible she was and how it would be imperative that I change some of my life habits or I would ruin the relationship.

I have been criticized on severalā€¦

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