Forget About Me

I would totally claim this as my thought process..
Great Poetry!!
Thanks for sharing 🙂


Forget About Me

I am of no use

I have been living my whole life

Off of this putrid excuse

Yeah, they say that I’m pathetic

Though I write meaningful lyrics

Nothing of my life is truly poetic

Because I fret when I sweat

Giving myself my own headache

There is a problem with my brain

And there is no sufficient medic

The Bible?

Yeah I read it

It went into my brain

Then it went out

I can say that I am the most religious person in the world

But I’m a liar if I don’t know what life is truly about

So a liar I am

I think I know all

But I don’t know my own man

It’s not the weather that changes

But my own plans

For the fate of my soul

Is like a bread crumb in a jar of sand

And even if I…

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