A man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensionsOliver Wendell Holmes Sr


I had just concluded a poem I call crazy(made me feel evil), I had been working on it after having decided I won’t blog and write for a while and look for a 6-5 job, so as to foot piling bills.

This poem was done in less than 2 hours and it carried serious weight. I shared it with few of my friends on twitter, it was not long before I started getting, hard/harsh reactions from them, which makes me feel, I may not be dropping the pen anytime soon and wont be going into any self-evaluation session as well.

I am planning on clearing the desk of old projects hanging everywhere, and fixing abandoned ones into storage. Time to focus on the new things. And Get Stuff Done.
But I seriously lack funds now and I won’t think of any other thing but write and try to connect with virtual fellows and my folk still think i should just stick to getting better at writing(do i continue this on here with a hungry stomach)


I am contemplating taking a teaching job but also very sure anything I fix my sights on now would consume me completely and take my sights off my first love “writing”.

This brings me to a conclusion, that some ideas are worth exploring but lacking serious awareness in the fact that, what we practice, consumes the hours needed to master the craft a man is meant to be in.

Nothing wrong with trying new stuffs. Some ideas sprout early, look good but produce only weeds. I advice does ideas leading to nowhere be cut down, once we realise we headed for the rocks and then turned into compost for new ones.

It does seem to contradict “finish what you started” but sometimes the piece will not work no matter how much manure you pour on it.
All we get, if we stay persistent on an idea that not workable is; a bad stunted growth.

Commitment to an idea is noble but not at the expense of developing as a writer, artist, creative person. Shelve it. File it. Let it go friend.
Expose your soul to fresh air and new vibes, for an upward stride.

Sometimes ideas just suck. Sometimes they turn into manure. Put it on the compost pile and let it feed new ideas and projects to fruition.

Do you ever let an idea go or do you see it out to the end, till point of fruition? My big question.


For those who still don’t know, #Celonarants™ is involved in a writing contest(reality show), hosted by a big brother and mentor; Sir Kendall Person of The Neighborhood

and needs the support of his family and friends on here.


© 2015 CelonaCharles




  1. That was very encouraging, Celona. We need to walk new paths in order to find new aspects of ourselves and develop skills we might not have even known by then. I wish you all the luck and joy for the new adventure as a teacher.

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  2. That’s a good question Celona, as an artist it happens to get stuck on some ideas or projects that seems not workable. Sometimes happens to me, while working on a Jewelry piece, or working on a watercolor painting. I am pretty perseverant and I don’t like when this happen because I want to finish my creation the way I had in my mind…what I do then is to take a break from it, I put my artwork away for some days. Get new inspirations and then I go back on it having a refreshed mind and all the time I have been able to find a solution and way to finish what I started! I also apply this phylosophy to life events. Always believe in yourself..take a break…think and listen what your heart really wants.and you will be able to find solutions 🙂

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    • *No arguments dear, my heart and soul has settled for blogging and writing, the issue I have now is coming up with funds to push my work of art..
      I am sure having to deal with pile of old idea is stressful, I love your style but I am sure there are times, you just don’t have a clue on how to finish a piece and bring it to perfection, I always suggest you pack it up for the main time and concentrate on new works..
      That’s for stopping by hunny bunny, your thoughts are always appreciated here sweetie 😉

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  3. Celona, TAKE THE ‘WORK’ AS A TEACHER! I use the word ‘work’ because Teaching can be a fulfilling career. Job stands for ‘Just Over Broke’! Keep that in your mind and it will totally change your mind-set.
    Children, adults always remember a good teacher. If you can make a difference to one person’s life, it would have been all worthwhile.

    Time can be the enemy of all us.
    Time management can be the friend of all of us. Clear out of your schedule that are truly wasting your time.
    Teaching commands organizational and prioritising skills. They can be learned and you will feel more like you are steering the boat and not swimming against the tide! Make room for your teaching commitments, be more strict about outside of work commitments and you will be energized to keep writing. Here’s the thing, you will most definitely have new ideas to write about hitting the teaching field.

    Do not hang onto things you think you ‘might’ use. Keep your living life simple, tasteful and classy. This way you need few things, yet they will be of quality, pleasing on the eye and last forever.

    People, well we all know the drill on this. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people and people who will push you in the ‘right’ way.

    I too have hit that idea threshold where I have an idea. If I find that I’m working too much against the brain
    (yes against the brain!) then I know this idea needs to be shelved or saved for another time. Things happen for a reason. To force writing always leads to a product the writer and reader may be at odds with. You deserve to see it as one of those writing hiccups. Later on with a little water, all will become well!

    Take the work as a Teacher!

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    • LoL… I would put your thoughts under serious consideration, and trust me, I am looking to avoid anything that takes me away from my first love “writing. and blogging”.
      The pay I would get as a teacher, is nothing compared to my development as a “powerfully” writer.
      I appreciate your thoughts as usual hun. Bless



    • Trust me, that has being on my mind but I need to know who to trust and who not to trust, I know blogs that has being messed up ‘cos of guest blogger..
      You are in my thoughts now, I would let you know later..
      Send me your mailing address hun..
      I would be glad to talk about this idea you suggest..



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