Honoring Dad–Happy Father’s Day

Great to know the black community worldwide, still respect the values of family and remembrance of good parenting..


Their presence was never in doubt; it was as it should be. They were always there in the neighborhood in every single house. You could see them every day. Most of them left early in the morning while others would just be coming home. Dinnertime was always held around their schedule, and everyone’s presence was expected.

Their jobs were as varied as their personalities. The factories employed some; stores were the employers of others. There were those who worked in the carpentry business and others who could repair any and everything. One even worked for the school system.

These individuals took their faith very seriously even though some did not attend church regularly. They were all Protestants with most being Baptist, one Church of Christ and even one Christian Methodist Episcopal member.

The strong sense of education was instilled in all of them even though some had not received a…

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4 thoughts on “Honoring Dad–Happy Father’s Day

  1. This is so true about the Black community having family values. I feel they are much better than what I have seen in the White community. Our family is mixed now as my daughter was married to a wonderful black man and they have 3 children. I adopted a black young man 17 years ago. My sister in law is married to a black man and they have 3 children. And this is just what I have noticed. No matter if one of the kids is in trouble our black family members get in trouble…and then they all are at the family dinners..Not so on the white side of our family…I know I am talking about “Our Family” and not every white family. But our black family member always know they are loved and still an important family member even when they have done something wrong. I could go on and on.,,I tend to follow our black family members ways..and I am proud of it and them. My wish and dream is in our family I pray we can all be like our black part of our family in sticking together no matter what.

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