Take me serious please…

Wonderful Narrative from not just a vitual friend but a sister in real life..
Share in here thoughts fam 😉



Sometimes, I come off as unserious.

Most times.

Every time. Lol.

I’m sorry but who would take me serious? This tiny, small, petite, brief, a bit tall-but-not-exactly-short- somebody of a person that can shine teeth for Africa (to think that close up haven’t even seen me yet) and play for the whole world.

You know I can play. Abi?

But I am serious too though. I mean, I’m a serious person. I have a serious face as I type this. (I’m trying to hold my breath here, please give me credit)

Sometimes ehn, I wonder if God takes me serious too. You should see when I pray. I mean, one on one with God. I’m a mess. I have no praying direction whatsoever. I can begin with asking for forgiveness, than migrate to thanking him and wooing him (I just love to sing his…

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