Today is a day to live fully – by Ralph Marston

..and here she goes with another soul lifting piece..
Thanks for sharing hun..
Loving your deep thoughts of care and hope for others
Bless! 🙂

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Today is a day to live fully

Start the day with gratitude for all the goodness you’ve known. Then transform the energy of that gratitude into excitement about what you can now do.

There is a great big opportunity in front of you right now. The future has not yet been determined, and you can play a role in how it unfolds.

Live the rest of this day in such a way that you’ll have no regrets when it comes to an end. Let the possibilities and your positive vision of life energize you to make the most of today’s opportunities.

Choose to raise your awareness to a level where you won’t be distracted or deterred by the meaningless, superficial noise you encounter. Commit to the goal of making progress today, and enjoy the experience of pushing yourself forward no matter what obstacles fall in your path.

Today is a…

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