Feel the feelings – Ralph Marston

Could not help but share this..
Great Piece, powerful thought process..
…and very on point..

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

Feel the feelings

Do more than just longing for the good feelings you’ve known in the past or the ones you hope to feel in the future. Feel those feelings now, where you are.

Allow yourself to love the life you have and the moment you’re in. Let yourself enjoy the beauty in every detail.

Put away any temptation you have to make judgments, or to worry, or to fear. Feel the joy in your good fortune of living life as it is and being able to make a difference.

Instead of just wishing you could feel a certain way, remind yourself that the feeling you seek is yours to choose right now. Instead of depending on circumstances for your feelings, turn it around and let your circumstances flow from your good feelings.

You have power over the way you see life and feel about it. That power makes amazing…

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