7 Reasons why I like it when someone is rummaging through my blog post archive #blogger #blogging

Very True..
Likes and comments on old posts just shows your thoughts processes has always gone the right way..
I like this post 😉


You start receiving ‘like’ notifications on old posts. A blog reader is busy going through your archives. This is such a magical moment for any blogger. Here are the reasons why I like it when someone is having a rummage in my archive:

1. It gives me a fluttery excited feeling. I get excited for them – the rummaging blog reader (then they leave after liking or commenting on one old post and my excitement evaporates)

2. It makes up for the lack of attention on my more recent posts.

3. It makes me get all Twitter twitchy. I want to start tweeting all my old posts, but then I stop myself as I know I could get carried away.

4. It makes me stop saying ‘everything Iwrote back then was rubbish’ - it sends amessage to my inner negative blogger voice and they get back in their…

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