‘The Lives We Live’ A Reality Show – Pilot Episode

We got a chance fam!!!
Celona’s Blog finally premiers on the neighbourhood (thepublicblogger.com) 🙂
Let’s put #Celonarants™ on the map, with your likes, comments..

Get to know more about the dude behind #Celonarants™, his true struggles for survival and love/passion to connect and be part of a world that knows the pains and struggles of others..


The Neighborhood

“Always blessed to know, I am part of community
that is serious about the development of others with less privilege
It’s an honor being acknowledged as part of The Neighborhood.
– Celoncharles Okpere Iphy, Lagos Nigeria from Celona’s Blog

thepublicbloggerIf this is your maiden voyage into The Neighborhood, on behalf of myself, the resident artists and the neighbors who have made it their home, Welcome. So glad you made it. At its foundation, thepublicblogger.com is a collaborative of visual, recording & written-word artists, delivering thought-provoking editorials, breathtaking short story fiction, imaginative reviews and academic prose. But what makes The Neighborhood so special is that we are controlled by our imagination and see no limits, no boundaries, no walls. But to arrive upon the main stage, each artists must be willing to not just perfect, but become masters of their craft.
Hustle Rhythm & Soul

‘The Lives We Live’ is different. The very first reality…

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