The course of true love never did run smoothWilliam Shakespeare


True love is usually the most inconvenient kind ~ Kiera Cass

 There are three little words so often hard to say
If only we had the courage
It would be just mere child’s playThere are so many empty houses
While thousands are homeless
And have nowhere to stay

So much land owned by a few
And with over a million living in abject poverty
Yet it’s hard to show our feelings true and true

Excess food in just one sitting
While children die of starvation
It seems so absurd
Yet the maths is so simple to solve

We cannot speak of equality justice or love
While thousands need basics and the rest sip coffee, read poetry
Living a life of privileges

Those three little words left unsaid
Could mend the world’s torn friendship
Bridge the huge gap between rich and poor
And many with small tiffs too

So what are those three little words
Ummmm did I hear someone just say;



© 2015 CelonaCharles


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