Age Related Social Disease

I completely relate to this, regardless my age and experiences, this speaks load of sense.
Thanks for sharing..
Being following your blog, hope I get a “follow back”.

Mr. Johnson's Blog

Feeling incompetent or what is commonly referred to as a ‘loser’ is often related to your age and where you are in life. It’s almost as if the rite of passage at whatever age is just a gateway to not feel like a loser.

You’re 25 and you still haven’t…….

You’re 40 and still…..

I’m not sure why it matters but regardless, a good number of people won’t respect you unless if your accomplishments match up with your age. Obviously it’s some kind of unwritten marker that has been set by society because it doesn’t make much sense. I guess some primitive wiring in us makes us want to shun the incompetent. If someone is nowhere near our level in life then they are probably not much use to us.

We’re a very numbers based species. It’s all about how much, how long and how many.  We use numbers to…

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