Stimulate my passion for priceless pace for finish line
Imitate my flare for continuity
Surprise my cravings for more excellence
In that world of two body acting as one

Whatever you settle for
That’s within my “comfort zone”
Could be yours
For the thoughts on mind are way past “comfort zone”

That criteria to letting you into what it seems I pursue, is as follows;

Guarded closely
Buried deeply into soul
Only the true in heart
Will find that key
To lock doors of unseen wonders

Thieves will come through
With slimy tongues and talks
Reciting orange sweet words
Agenda well hidden
For the ones without deep thoughts

The genuine soul
Recites spirited soliloquy
Full disclosure for all to see
Mind and emotions staying real
Leaving nothing to chance

Hope is the map to defusing crossraods
No clear route defined from the start
But love remains that guide
That opens the mind to bliss
Bliss from the unseen


© 2015 CelonaCharles


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