Simply, Thank You

I completely agree with this post and the writer..

Every man is entitled to opinions and rants.. to be real and original, Never contemplate trying to sound “sane”
Just drop all the silliness, stupidity and creativity, with careless abandon, on that shit.

Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Fatty McCupcakes

I was hoping to reblog the postWhen bloggers go MIAby Aunty Cath, but she must not have the “reblog” setting. I will share a screen shot of her post instead:


I am extremely humbled and honored that I’m being recognized in other writer’s blogs. After doing this blogging thing for precisely 58 days (WordPress counts in days, I guess), I never would have thought I’d have the amount of followers and attention I have presently.

I am not entirely new to blogging. As many of my Facebook friends know, I started blogging when I moved to BFE, AKA Elko, way back in 2007. Saying it was hard for me to leave my friends, family, and favorite Cold Stone, is putting it mildly. I decided to write about the foibles of a “city girl” living in a cow town. It was met with loads of support from my…

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