All in the spirit of writing, blogging, connecting, sharing thoughts, reading thoughts of others and getting to meet people with new culture, traditions, lifestyle.. I get nominated for awards.. that sounds great. 🙂 *feeling fly*

Apparently, it’s almost clear on a daily, how we must set our own course, how we must aspire to be the kind of person we’d love to meet, even though it’s no easy task.

I love writing and blogging, but still don’t see myself as a writer or a blogger.. so there are no rule for me on here, I just do what makes me happy and relaxed on here. Even at that, it’s still hard work keeping up with longreads and notifications and trying to connect more …I must attend to this “big baby” called celona’s blog.

So to all those that nominated me for awards and think what I do on here is relevant, Thank You!! I hope I keep writing on here for a long time, I hope I improve on my writing and thought processes, so I sound new and fresh to you all..

Thanks for all the support and little encouragement I get from ya all Big appreciations to;

YesterdayAfter for the fire of dragon award

Erika Kind for the Blog Tour Award.

What you need to do, if I get you nominated is all on: #EnoughSaid!!

I hereby nominate this bloggers for both awards.



Opinionated Man


vonj productions






© 2015 CelonaCharles


15 thoughts on “AWARDS APPRECIATION 09/07/2015

  1. Thank you so much for your appreciation! I always enjoy reading what you write, so keep up with that and follow your heart and what you like to do,,,listen to your inner voice…you are on the right way 🙂

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