True love is usually the most inconvenient kindKiera Cass


Empathy I heard, is the ability to recognize and feel other peoples emotions, carrying a deep sense of care, care that’s way beyond the normal.

I am writing this from a place, where little acts of loving and care has refused to reach. A place where me and my thoughts, are tempted to always question creators world and it’s fairness. #JustSaying!

I would have chosen to act like my chances to living a life of love and care has being tampered with, but hey, who would be loosing still? Me I guess.. So I search still, for a palace that is cleaner than greed, selfishness, jealousy and hate.

Even though Sympathy is feeling compassion and not pity for other people. Often times to be a “non smug” means that you are absorbing much of the pain and suffering in your environment without getting upset, which could mean sacrificing your own ability to function at a high level, a very high level..

But chances do always come, to those who know their path too much, like the hand used to inking down words …hope you would understand what I mean, if I said; “I choose to get lost so I could find me”

But I would always seem to be trying to understand my path, by explaining what I already know …So “mistakes made” would also feel right.. NO QUALMS!

The word “love” has seriously lost juice, from the act of voicing it and not putting it to expressions.
So I have chosen to reach for something in-between Empathy and Sympathy, sounds odd, I know 🙂

I just think it would feel right operating from that spot I really can’t define with words.


… I don’t even know what I am in search of or what that space would look like. But all I know is; it feels right and what feels right after going through rough test of fights and lights, always makes complete sense to me at the end.

I suggest, we make life worth living. Let’s choose to act like nothing at all surprises us, annoys us or drives us to a cliff, a place of impunity and loud cried.

That only happens, if you are ready to keep giving, till you are completely empty and your expectations are laid-out, only for the one that gave out chances to existing.

Is my message even clear?
Or am just being apprehended by “the pressure” but choosing not to surrender?

Apparently, my mind feels warped but destiny has never left my hands, which has kept me more regressive and has ended up provoking almost all my thoughts.

This words I search for, that I still haven’t found are not making me emotional but instead, puts me on a path of continual pursuit, pursuit for the true meaning of love and loving an extra more.

It may take a life time, to discovering those words but I am sure, that’s a path worth walking through.

Don’t just watch and learn, let’s search for not just those words but also live out its meaning.

I said it before, would say it again, what I am seriously looking for; it’s that point in-between Empathy and Sympathy!

I allowed a friend read this before it was posted, and she had one obvious question for me. “DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE” ?
I had one answer, one word.. I looked her in the face and said; “YES”.




© 2015 CelonaCharles



  1. Your words painted a picture of you on a path at crossroad. Instead of choosing which way to go, you begin to create your own path. On an off beaten path no one can direct you because your created path is untrodden territory. Your answers come from within. You communicate through words, beautifully. Love conquers all!
    Love&Light to you!

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