Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creaturesand the whole of nature and it’s beautyAlbert Einstein



Both hands bound from inking the sheet
One mind withheld from letting-out
From unleashing statements of fact
Emotions of heavy heart
Thick and big
But that doesn’t sadden me though
You want to know what does?

You also tried to steal my unseen moments
With reasons best know to youuu aloneee ?


Alas!!! I would laugh last, I swear

Which one man would admit he knows
What tomorrow will bring
No man would really know a lot about  million tomorrows
Even if he floats in forever horizons
For when he picks one “free space”
Ten more appears.

So who can erase
Your deeds of yesterday
It’s like asking a human
If the moon can reverse its path
And the rains dry the lands

This one world exists
Only in this moment
Moments I choose to see freedom alone
Moments captured in the now
And hoping it stays forever

Do we fix our minds here?
Or stay bound in uncertain certainties
Choosing instead to wallow in our fears of the morrow
And sticking to regrets of yesterday
Unaware of the precious
gift of now.


You keep stealing your freedom
Each time you feel you are taking mine
Don’t you want to be free too
Breaking your chains of “Excess freedom”

My cognition and thoughts are alive
You don’t need a X-ray to see my soul
‘Cos it’s free

Harsh Poetry you call this
I settled for the truth
That one you hate to hear
Resounding words of freedom
Words you hate to hear
Resonating songs of freedom
That I prefer to call;
Poetry of freedom


© 2015 CelonaCharles


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